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We are looking for people who have ideas and chase creativity. In Model Media, a space that is not restricted by the framework, some partners combine various ideals and experiences. Every unique idea, different type, and viewpoint can become an exciting passion. Here, we search for new possibilities, bond through our mutual language, and discover ourselves. Our mission is to help every thrilling soul find an appropriate channel, to give our viewers the power to "make their dreams come true", and to become the propeller of dreams.

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Actresses Recruitment

Model Media, Official Recruitment Notice

Attention to All Aspiring Actresses,

Model Media, a renowned institution in the entertainment industry, is proud to announce its official recruitment drive for talented female actors.

This is an exclusive opportunity for individuals who aspire to excel in the realm of international performing arts.

Key Benefits Include:
- Competitive compensation ranging from 20,000 to 100,000 RMB per project.
- Exclusive additional bonuses based on performance.
- Exciting overseas opportunities in multiple countries.
- Full reimbursement of expenses and comprehensive benefits under direct affiliation.

By joining Model Media, you will embark on a journey to expand your horizons in the international entertainment scene.

We are committed to nurturing and showcasing your talent on a global platform.

To seize this extraordinary opportunity, please contact us immediately to schedule an interview.

For further details, please refer to our official Telegram @FORCE0901.

Take the first step towards realizing your dreams with Model Media. We look forward to welcoming you aboard!

Best Regards,


Seeding Project

Seeking long-term partnerships with filming crews that have the expertise and high-quality resources.

We expect our future partners to demonstrate excellent expertise in the areas of directing, cinematography, lighting design, post-production, etc.</p

We expect our future partners to demonstrate excellent professional skills in the areas of directing, photography, lighting design, post-production, etc.

We also expect our future partners to be able to develop female modeling resources, have a strong sense of risk management, and be easy to communicate with. </p

In order to ensure a successful partnership, we would like interested teams to contact us via email with the following details:


1. **Team Location**: Please tell us the region or country where your team is currently active.

2. **Adult Content Filming Experience**: Please indicate if your team has previous experience filming adult content, including, but not limited to, pre-script writing, filming execution, and post-production editing. </p

3. **Actors' resources**: Please describe whether you have your own actors' resources, especially female models' resources, and briefly describe how you develop and manage your resources.

4. **How you found us**: Please share the channels through which you learned about us, which is very important for us to understand the market response and optimize the promotion strategy.

5. **Reasons for choosing to work with us**: Please describe the reasons why you chose to work with us, including but not limited to your interest in our team or project, what you expect to achieve, and the value you value in working with us.


Please send the above information and any relevant portfolio or business description to Paper Airplane @Qbi477

After evaluating all partnership applications, we will communicate further details of the partnership with the selected team.

We look forward to working with a team of like-minded professionals to create impressive visual artwork. Thank you for your interest and response.


Operation Center_Customer Service Specialist

Number of people: 1

Working hours: 10:00-19:00 / Saturday off

Salary range: Negotiable


Gender: Male or female

Salary range: Negotiable

Working Location: Taiwan


Job Description:

1. Assist customers with softwares issues

2. On-line customer service reply/connection to customer's software system, assist customer to solve problems


3. Through the team customer service process and education training, fully understand the brand concept, responsible for responding to the official website / Telegram / Instagram / X (Twitter) / LINE @ / Email / etc. customer service issues.

4. Need to distinguish the priority of handling matters, maintain community discipline, and continuously optimize the customer service resolution process.


5. Analyze weekly customer service issues and post-purchase satisfaction surveys to provide timely feedback and suggestions on products, events, promotions, sales channels, etc.




Other requirements:

1. Have used an official LINE account


2. Previous experience in social networking


3. One or more years of experience in marketing, customer service, telemarketing, etc.

4. More than one year of experience in related work

4. Gentle, empathetic, patient, responsible and responsive


5. Clear oral expression, good learning efficiency, good communication and coordination skills


6. Able to work independently

7.At least one year of experience in English listening, speaking, reading and writing